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Minecraft 1.15: The update “Buzzy Bees” available!

After a few months of development releases, the 1.15 “Buzzy Bees” update is now available in your launchers! This is a special version designed to make the game more stable and more efficient, while correcting a maximum of annoying and various bugs. This is a small update that is still very important for the future, especially with the arrival of the update of the Nether in 2020. In parallel, as the name suggests, the bees will be Of the game.

A notable list of bug fixes, mostly dating back to version 1.13, will be available at the end of the article.

Additions and Modifications

Adding  bees (” Bees “).

  • They live in a group close to their nests or hives.
  • Attacking them will make them aggressive towards the player.
    • Their eyes turn red.
    • They will inflict a poison effect of 10s before losing their sting and die about 60s later.
  • They will walk around flowers to collect pollen before returning to their hive / nest.
    • Bees carrying pollen and therefore pollinators can accelerate the speed of crops and bushes they cross.
    • If they try to forage for a Wither flower, the effect of ” Wither ” emitted by the flower can kill them.
  • They can be reproduced with any existing flower in the game.
  • They do not like rain and sleep at night, in both cases they will be in their nest or hive.
  • Placing a campfire under a nest or hive will calm the bees.
  • They are affected by the enchantment “Scourge of arthropods” ( “Bane Of Arthropods” ).

Addition of hives ( ” Beehives “) and honeycomb ( ” Bee nests “).

  • Honeycombs occur naturally in the plains, sunflower plains and flowering forests.
    • The ” Silk touch” effect is needed to recover them.
    • They can naturally contain bees.
  • Hives can be made by the player.


    • The bees come out and enter through the front of the block.
    • He / she fills with honey.
      • The amount of honey increases each time a bee comes back with pollen.
      • When the nest / hive is full, the player can harvest honey.
    • Breaking or harvesting honey from a hive or nest will make the bees aggressive to the player.
      • If a campfire is placed beforehand, the bees will remain passive.
      • Bees in the nest / hive will not become hostile if he / she is harvested with the ” Silk touch” enchantment .
  • Addition of the honey bottle (” Honey bottle “).
    • It is recovered when a player uses an empty vial on a hive or a full nest.
    • It restores 6 points of hunger and 2.4 saturation points.
    • A vial gives 3 pieces of sugar once in the workbench.
    • Can stack in sets of 16.
  • Adding honeycombs ( ” Honeycombs “).
    • They are recovered when a player uses a shear on a hive or a full nest.
  • Addition of honey block (” Honey block “).
    • Made with 4 vials of honey in the workbench.
      • Placing a honeycomb with 4 vials in the workbench will fill the latter with honey.
    • It removes 80% of the damage caused by a fall.
    • It slows entities and it also prevents jumping higher than a slab.
    • Has the same “attraction” behavior of blocks as the slime block.
      • The block of honey and slime do not stick together, which can give birth to new Redstone systems more or less complex.
    • Any entity grazing the block on the side, including falling, will have a slower descent, close to that of a ladder.
  • When pushed or retracted by a piston, the entity present on it will be carried away with the block.
    • The creatures avoid stepping on it, at the risk of remaining blocked.
    • Honey blocks do not drive the Redstone signal.
    • When placed near a nest or beehive, bees will land on occasion.
  • Addition of the honeycomb block ( ” Honeycomb  block “).
    • Made with 4 honeycombs in the workbench
      • Can not be de-manufactured.
    • It is purely decorative.

Various changes and adjustments

  • Added behaviors to the distributor :
    • Can now collect vials of water from empty vials and water placed in front.
    • Collection of honeycombs from shears and hive / nest placed in front.
    • Collection of honey vials from empty vials and hive / nest placed in front.
    • The fireworks are now launched in the direction of the distributor.
    • Fireballs fired light campfires.
  • The comparison Redstone detects the rate honey in a hive / nest.
    • The output power is equal to the amount of honey.
  • The bells will ring at-qu’activées with a Redstone signal.
  • The camp fires  can be extinguished with a shovel.
  • The iron gate now requires to be mined with a pickaxe to fall as an object.
  • The hardness and strength of the End Stone Brick has been adjusted.
  • Change of the composter recipe .
  • The recipe for dark prismarin includes black dye instead of octopus ink.
  • The large ferns let go now seeds when destroyed.
  • The attached melon / pumpkin stalks now release their seeds when they are destroyed.
  • wet sponge will dry when placed in the Nether.
  • scaffold in an oven can now melt 2 objects instead of fourth object.
  • boat in an oven can now melt 6 objects instead of 1 single object.
  • The rails are now in the player’s direction instead of constantly in the north-south direction
  • The debarked wood can now be made from debarked logs.
  • The birches appear again in the dark forests.
  • The sweet-berry bushes now appear in the taiga trees.
  • The foxes now appear in all variants of taiga.
  • The experience orbs appear in the same place as when objects creature is killed.
  • The emergence eggs of all variants of zombies can be used on the adult version to make a baby appear.
  • The creatures are smarter to avoid the lava.
  • Corrections of texture problems on the Dragon Ender .
  • The Iron Golfer’s life appears as a crackle on its texture.
    • It can be repaired with iron ingots, an ingot restores 25pv.
  • The parrots are on the shoulders of the player even if it overlaps an entity.
  • The parrots will imitate more neutral creatures (Endermen, polar bears, wolves and pigs-zombies).
  • When naturally occurring breeding creatures are in a group, a baby may appear.
  • zombie- healed villager does not despawn anymore.
  • The villager bookseller now sells a library against 9 emeralds instead of 3 libraries against 6 emeralds.
  • The food can be eaten in creative mode.
  • Trying to sleep in a bed with a villager, will turn the villager off the bed.
  • Clicking on a bed the day will still be the point of appearance.
  • Added an icon of the effects of damage / instant health and saturation .
  • The spectral arrows can now be used to unlock progress ” Bullseye! “( Take Aim )


  • Added 2 new progress for the ” Agriculture ” tab
    • ” I’ll forage at your house ” ( Bee Our Guest ): Collect honey in a hive without annoying the bees.
    • ” De-honey- nagement ” ( Total Beelocation ): Move a honeycomb with 3 bees inside using the enchantment ” Touch of Silk “.
  • Added new progress for the ” Adventure ” tab
    • ” Sticky Situation ” ( Sticky Situation ): Jump on the side of a block of honey to arrest a fall.

Interface and options

  • A message now appears in the game’s chat when a player changes their point of appearance via a bed.
  • Change the appearance of the selected buttons.


  • Adjust the contrast of the text color.
  • Added buttons to “lock” the stroke and / or squat button in the accessibility menu.
    • Lets you no longer need to stay seated to run or squat.
      • Pressing the key again removes the stroke / squat.
  • Added statistics regarding the interaction with an anvil and a grinding wheel.
  • Adding descriptive text of parameters for mixing biomes.
    • Now appears in the debug menu F3.
  • Change of the background of the title screen related to version 1.15.


Textures and particles

  • The resource pack version is now 5.
  • Changing texture mapping for the vault
  • The banners pattern now uses an alpha channel.
  • The shield pattern now uses an alpha level to determine what will have color, instead of brightness.
  • The Ender Dragon no longer has a separate texture for the lower wings.
    • The game will still try to convert some version 4 pack textures.
  • Vertically moving particles now have better performance in case of collision with blocks.
  • Addition of 3 new welcome texts:
    • In case it is not obvious, the foxes are not players. ( “In case it’s not obvious, foxes are not players.” )
    • Buzzy Bees! ( “Bee buzzing!” )
    • Minecraft Java Edition presents: Disgusting Bugs (  Minecraft Java Edition presents: Disgusting bugs” )

Controls and techniques

  • The data pack version is now 5 .
  • Minecraft now requires OpenGL 2.0.
  • Adding the / spectate command
    • The syntax is / spectate [<target>] [<player>]
      • target : The entity to watch
        • If omitted, the player stops watching.
      • player : the player, in spectator mode, who must watch
        • Default on @s  if no target is specified.
  • The  / effect clear command  is now defaults to  @s if no target is specified.
  • The / kill command  is now defaults to  @s  if no target is specified. 
  • The / data command now uses the ” storage ” attribute as the source or target.
  • Add subcommands / execute if predicate and / execute store storage
  • Added new syntax / schedule … [append | replace] and  / schedule clear <id>
  • Added new game rules:
    • doInsomnia : Prevents Phantoms from appearing.
    • doImmediateRespawn : For the instant reappearance of the player when he dies.
    • drowingDamage : Enable / Disable the drowning damage.
    • fallDamage : Turns on / off fall damage.
    • fireDamage : Enable / disable burn damage (fire, lava, magma block …)
  • Official publication of obfuscation maps  for modders.
    • Links to these obfuscation maps  are included in the file .json accompanying each version of the game.


Server 1.15

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