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Bare Bones Texture Pack 1.15.2 (1.14.4/1.13.2)

The resource pack for Minecraft Bare Bones for Minecraft is aptly named, it “bare” your game to make it easier. Everything is extremely well executed in terms of both finesse and optimization.

The colors are bright and go perfectly with the cartoons / cartoon style , which makes the world much more colorful and pleasing to the eye. If you’re a big fan of Minecraft animation for game promotion, you’ll soon fall in love with Bare Bones because it’s about making your world as close to animation as possible.

The creation of the pack is quite simple and the resolution is only 16 × 16 , therefore, it is not necessary to have a large machine to rotate it properly.


The author of the pack highlights the close link between his texture pack and the BSL Shaders :

With BSL, you can get the shadows and outlines you see in promotional illustrations! It’s so customizable that you can create almost any look you want.

To use it:

Bare Bones Pack Download

  • Place the BSL + config file in /Roaming/.minecraft/shaderpacks



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