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Minecraft Mods

Want to change the way you play Minecraft? Enjoy a different gaming experience? Find our selection of mods. If you want to know more about the use and operation of mods, we advise you to read this guide which will answer all your questions.

Mountainfest Mods

Would you like to see more right in the world of Minecraft? Then this mod is for you. With the Mountainfest mod you can add various new mountain biomes of different types to the Minecraft world. You can also develop the mountains as a whole in general. Downloading the mod …

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Assassin’s Creed Blocklegend Mods

Assassin’s Creed Blocklegend mod adds multiple Assassin beliefs to the Minecraft world, including weapons, equipment, skills and acrobatics. What are the new items added with the mod? Adds Haystack. You take no damage when you fall on the stack of straw that is added. Adds Hidden Blade so you can …

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Reese’s Sodium Options Mods

Reese’s Sodium Options mod replaces Sodium’s options screen with the intention of improving UX. Thus, both the UX is improved and you can see the sodium options differently on the screens. This mod also does not need different mods. You can directly download and start using. What are the features …

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Better Animals Plus Mods

The Better Animals Plus mod is a unique mod when compared to other mods in the same categories. Bringing new life and creatures to worlds with unique abilities and aesthetics is the mod’s goal.This mod adds more than 35 new animals to your Minecraft world. It adds not only animals, …

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Xaero’s Minimap (Fair-play Edition) Mods

A brand new map mod in Minecraft! Unlike many other mini map mods, this mod retains the vanilla aesthetic. Thus, you have a compatible mini map in the world of Minecraft. This mod does not need any mods. So Minecraft players can download this mod without the need to add …

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Koopa’s Critters Mods

Would you like to see different animals in the Minecraft world? Then this mod is for you. With the Koopa’s Critters mod, you can add more than 30 animal species based on real species. Many of these endangered species are endangered or threatened in the wild and hope to spread …

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Stylish Effects (Forge) Mods

This mod completely changes the way status effects are displayed. Thus, it provides numerous configuration options to create the effect look of your dreams.Thanks to this mode, hud effects, one of the indispensable points of vanilla style, became flashy as well as the timer. In addition, the hud effect screen …

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Matinbum Edition Mods

The Matinbum Edition mod is simply an advanced building mod. It is possible to obtain useful buildings with Matinbum Edition, a building mod that can be useful in various conditions. This mod, which has various features, has a large amount of content. It can therefore be difficult to document or …

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Not Enough Crashes Mods

Not Enough Crashes mod is a mod that improves crashes in Minecraft. NEC mode can be installed on client and server independently. What are the features of the mod? This mod allows you to return to the title screen when locked and continue playing where you left off without having …

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The Dark Realm Mods

Minecraft’s The Dark Realm mod is a mod that adds more monsters, special spells and weapons with some special abilities to your world.Besides these, this mod also adds new ore types. This makes mining much more fun. The mod contains 2 special dimensions, one of which is called The Dark …

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