Wednesday , October 27 2021
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Minecraft Mods

Want to change the way you play Minecraft? Enjoy a different gaming experience? Find our selection of mods. If you want to know more about the use and operation of mods, we advise you to read this guide which will answer all your questions.

Immersive Vehicles Mods (Soviet Lada)

It’s time to enjoy unlimited fun in the world of Minecraft! For players with an interest in cars of the past, the Immersive Vehicles (Soviet Lada) Mod is now active! The package appeared, which added various Soviet cars of the AVTOVAZ brand. So, 5 variants of the VAZ 2105. From …

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Essentials Mods

Essentials mode; extends automation and redstone in a balanced vanilla style!Here are a few key points about this mode! • For each slot there is a single block chest that remembers the item types. • There are self-cultivated agricultural lands. • Provides simple and inexpensive product transportation and sorting. • …

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Exline’s Awnings Mods

It’s time to decorate your Minecraft world with Exline’s Tanteler Mods! This mod adds awnings to decorate your world. You can use the awnings added with this mod on your doors or windows. These awnings, which contain all types of wood and logs, can be placed as you wish. Here …

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More Charcoal Mods

The More Charcoal mod is a mod based on vanilla elements that can be used as furnace fuel. This mod adds several new types of chorcoal to your Mineraft. What items the More Charcoal mod adds: Charcoal Chunks Coal Chunks Apple Charcoal Beet Charcoal Carrot Charcoal Chorus Charcoal Potato Charcoal …

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Advanced NBT Tooltips Mods

Would you like to improve your Mineraft with advanced tips? Then you are in the right place. Here are the tips you can improve with this mod… What are the current features of this mod? You can learn additional information in an inventory, an armor stand, an item frame. Hover …

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World of Wonder Mods

Get ready for World of Wonder! A mode where you will be lost in a mystical and magical world is waiting for you. This mod is focused on adding biomes with a more mystical and magical ability! The biomes added with this mod are as follows: Dandelion Fields: This rare biome …

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Gems and Crystals Mods

Are you ready for a brand new Gems and Crystals Mods? This mod adds different types of gems, crystals, tools and armors to Minecraft. What are the crystals added with the mod? Rubies Sapphires Topaz Amethyst What are the armor contents added to the game? Ruby Tools and Armor Sapphire Tools …

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Terrarium Mods

Terrarium mod adds a new world type. This mod is a world type that creates an unfolded copy of planet Earth! Apart from being customizable, this mode also allows extensive fine-tuning to meet your needs. As we all know, Minecraft has restrictions such as height limit and view range. But this …

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Crafted! Mods (Forge)

You can now add any new crafts you want to Minecraft! Datapack will instantly add new crafts from which you can quickly create what you need. You can now create chests directly if you want, without the need to convert logs into planks. Moreover, this feature will be valid for …

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Simple Voice Chat Mods

Would you like to add voice chat to your server in Minecraft? Then this mod is for you. It also provides the option to choose between push-to-talk or voice activation. What are the features of this mod? Indicator next to players names when they are talking Configurable distance Mute other …

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