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Minecraft Mods

Want to change the way you play Minecraft? Enjoy a different gaming experience? Find our selection of mods. If you want to know more about the use and operation of mods, we advise you to read this guide which will answer all your questions.

Iron Chests for Fabric Mods

With the Iron Chests for Fabric mod, you can now add new and upgradeable chests to your Minecraft. You can directly download this mod, which improves your game and allows you to store more items in a single block. Because this mod does not need any other mods. Each chest …

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The Veggie Way (FABRIC) Mods

Loves to play Minecraft but feels guilty about killing animals like cows, sheep, pigs or chickens to make food? If you’re wondering why Minecraft doesn’t give you nutritious food instead of cooked animal meat, this mod is for you! The Veggie Way solves this problem! Note: There is a vegan …

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Wireless Industry Mods

Important note: This mod is an add-on for IC2. You can now have different electronic possibilities in your Minecraft, from wireless solar panels to chargers, using the IC2 plugin. With this mod you can use Fortune V, wireless solar panels and storage. On the other hand, with this mod, an …

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Kingdom Keys 2 Mods

This mod adds a lot of different things from Kingdom Hearts games. What are the features of the mod? It gives you more HP, strength, magic, defense, abilities and some boosts like Shotlocks. In this way, he develops a leveling system to become even stronger. It uses a Synthesis System …

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Solar Cooker Mods

You can now add a vehicle to your Minecraft that needs sunlight instead of fuel. This mod is created to add Solar Cooker. This newly created mod acts like a smoker. But it needs sunlight instead of fuel. Moreover, you do not need to add any extra mods to use …

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Natural Decor Mods

Some Content Added: Added various bushes, including Tall and Small variants. Added 3 new biomes. Added koi fish. Added botany beagle that can trade loot for botany biscuits. Added flower type variants such as ghost orchids, orange poppies, purple-eyed daisies. Added bouquets of flowers with the ability to combine multiple …

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Foodables (Fabric) Mods

Would you like to add a number of different foods to your Minecraft? This Foodables mod is a Vanilla Plus-style cooking mod that shakes up vanilla food and adds a host of new potential treats. What does the mod include? 26 new edible products are being added. Adding 5 new …

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Corrupted Witherskeleton Boss Mods

If you want to add a new end boss to your Minecraft, this mod is for you! This mod adds a new end boss. Intimidate your enemies with the Corrupted Witherskeleton gang! The Corrupted Witherskeleton is one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft! Those who own this gang are invincible. …

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Snow Real Magic Mods

With this mod, you can now bring winter to your Minecraft. This mod is a simple tweak mod that can enrich the behavior of the vanilla snow layer. With this mod you can: You can place snow and fence/wall/tall grass in the same block. The layer of snow falls like …

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BCLib Mods

This mod is a kind of library mod created for possible future mods from the BetterNether and Better X team. It doesn’t need any mods to work. But it must be installed as a separate mod. This library mod can also be used by other developers to make their own …

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