Friday , May 17 2024


If the mods seem too complicated to install or if you think they distort Minecraft, datapacks may interest you. These small command files straight out of the fertile imagination of players modify Minecraft in depth by being simpler to install than mods.

Super OP Swords Minecraft Datapack

TheRedEngineer has acquired a pretty incredible ability to create a whole bunch of destructive, fun, useful tools or all of this thanks to redstone and command blocks. In the Super OP Swords datapack, it offers six swords with extremely varied, very innovative properties, which can help the player in a specific …

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Vanilla Tweaks 1.13 – 1.15 Datapack

We know Xisuma for many things, and to quote all his achievements would be excessive. However, we can point out his paternity vis-à-vis major projects such as Diamond Defender , Cube Control , or Rush, long taken over and adapted by other mapmakers. With Vanilla Tweaks , he again offers content that promises to be essential, with a …

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