Saturday , December 4 2021
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Version: minecraft 1.11.2 mods

Netherrocks Mods

The Netherrocks mod basically adds 6 different ores to the game that are only found in the Nether. These ores; Argonite, Ashstone, Dragonstone, Fyrite, Illumenite and Malachite. Each ore has its own unique characteristics. It also has armor, tools, gear, and more. The hardness of dragonstone, ash stone and argonite …

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Enderthing Mods

If you want access to globally shared inventories, this mod is for you! Enderthing mod provides the ability to have globally shared inventories. You can access the inventories this mod provides using the key on any Ender Chest. You can also place a lock on an Ender Chest to permanently …

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Pet Buddy Mods

Petbuddy will follow you wherever you go! Now, it can hold your belongings and fight you. Now, those who do not have many friends in the Minecraft world will be able to have a pleasant time with this mod. By feeding your petbuddy you can restore it to health if it …

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