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Serene HD 1.14 Resource Pack

Serene HD multiplies the influences. While displaying a realism enhanced by its resolution in 32x, this Resource Pack FlyingV also puts in the hands of his user all the tools (finally, textures) to make contemporary constructions. And at the same time, displays slightly retro textures, sometimes reminiscent of old Mario games.

First, the pack imposes from the outset a realistic will. It is the author himself who says it and his resolution 32x supports it. Even if it does not fall under the very high definition either, it brings a significant degree of detail, in any case much higher than what the basic textures offer. In any case, this addition of details is moving the pack away from the initial atmosphere of the game.

Then, this realism is coupled with a concentrated work on the building blocks. The latter appear more modern and, in particular, are given totally different textures. The latter are concrete, plywood, modern glass, steel … All elements that can build villas, stations, roads. In short, enough to build a real small town of the 21st century.

Finally, despite a 32x resolution, Serene HD does not hesitate to pixelize its textures. Without taking anything away from the realism that emerges from the pack, this bias mainly concerns natural blocks. This brings out a kind of retro atmosphere, which borders on the old Super Mario. This effort is completed by a double movement: on the one hand, shadows that come to give a slightly raw look to the textures; on the other, a slightly brighter, brighter color palette.


[1.14] Serene HD [32x]

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