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NEWS: Minecraft 1.15.2 Update

Mojang will soon release the second version of 1.15, the Minecraft 1.15.2 update, which will fix some critical bugs. Before making it available to everyone, it comes out, as Mojang used to do, in the form of a pre-release.

01/21/2020 Edit : Minecraft update 1.15.2 is now available in your launcher.


  • The bees are no longer angry when a nearby nest / hive is destroyed with “Touch of Silk”
  • Addition of the doPatrolSpawning and doTraderSpawning game rules which respectively control the appearance of patrols and street vendors
  • Adding the gui_light option in block models to allow to control the light when rendering the model as an element in the graphical interface
  • Controls the light when rendering the block model inside a slot. If set to the side, the model will be rendered as a block. If set at the front, the model is shaded as a flat element
  • Birch or oak shoots growing near a flower within 2 blocks on the same level have a 5% chance of having a honeycomb
  • Honeycombs now have a 2% chance of appearing in flowering forests
  • Honeycombs now have a 0.2% chance of appearing in biomes Forest, wooded hills, birch forest, large birch forest, birch forest hills and high birch hills
  • Bugfix


  • MC-862  – Reappearance protection does not work for frames, paints and armor mounts
  • MC-1541  – Tag effect removes potion effect of the same type
  • MC-51053  – Motorized cars lose power after traveling corners
  • MC-150575  – Powdered concrete does not turn into concrete by dropping it next to water.
  • MC-153987  – Falling from ladders if wearing elytra
  • MC-165695  – Hoppers that collect honeycomb from hives and honeycombs collect only one honeycomb
  • MC-166312  – The icons of the loom user interface template are too dark.
  • MC-166319  – B on “Open in browser” is lowercase in graphical link confirmation interface
  • MC-166324  – “Raw input” button has a lowercase “i”.
  • MC-166722  – Some models of personalized objects appear dark in the inventory.
  • MC-167018  – Pixel misplaced in texture of critical hit particles.
  • MC-167079  – Texture of horse armor is disabled.
  • MC-167201  – Invisible light entities do not respect the color of their team.
  • MC-167219  – Multiple reload of a resource pack causes the game to crash
  • MC-167220  – Items on marker armor mounts no longer shine
  • MC-167235  – The distance from which you can get into a bed is offset.
  • MC-167344  – bug on com.mojang.blaze3d.platform.ClipboardManager
  • MC-167416  – The distance from which a monster will prevent you from sleeping is off center.
  • MC-167444  – iron_golem_crackiness_ * textures appear on invisible iron golems that are damaged
  • MC-167709  – Bees that climb on a boat, minicart or other entities when entering their hive or nest can never leave the hive or nest again
  • MC-168467  – Bees don’t remember how many crops they pollinated.
  • MC-169157  – Breaking a hive with an obstructed front makes the bees disappear.
  • MC-169825 – “Multiplayer (3rd part)” is displayed in the title of the window when disconnecting from a solo world
  • MC-169839 – Some potion effects that replace lower level effects are not removed after the end of their duration.
  • MC-169840 – Drinking a level 1 potion under a level 2 tag and letting the results cause the effect to be lost.
  • MC-169848 – Hangs when trying to create a beehive from a planted tree.
  • MC-169886 – No protection from the older world in 1.15.2 PR 1


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