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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Baubles Mods

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Baubles is a mode that was originally created for use by other modes. It is a small plug-in mode and api by structure. Baubles mode adds 7 new slots. These nests; amulet, arch, head, body, talisman, and two ring slots. Baubles inventory is accessed by shortcut key ‘b’. If you …

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Bookshelf Mods

Bookshelf; is a collection created with code, frameworks, utilities, and other resources. Many different modes use Bookshelf’s codebase to improve themselves. Why Use Library Mode? Modes that are apparently irrelevant are shared with library mode to share parts of the same codebase. This reduces the time and effort required to …

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Modernxl Mods

modernxlmods, Minecraft

Modernxl Fireplace Update Construction additions Fire block Fire log block (x3) Fire coal block (x2;) Fireplace glass (x2) Fireplace charcoal Modern wall fireplace (x2) Wall fireplace Wall and floor additions Ultra-modern bricks (x4) Decoration additions Log stack Modern log stack (x4) Modifications Etbl 1 is now a workshop table ‘Pure …

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MineColonies Building Mode

You can create your thriving town in Minecraft with MineColonies building mode. MineColonies provide everything you need to build your kingdom. In this way, it allows your leadership skills to increase. MineColonies provides the flexibility to create a unique colony as much as any player. With so many options, you …

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