Monday , June 24 2024

Version: Minecraft 1.15.2 Mods

Backpacked Mods

Try the new Backpacker addon for more backpacks in your Minecraft! Backpacked adds a very simple backpack to the game. This allows you to store additional items. The backpack added with the Backpacked mode is the perfect tool to store the things you always need. Because even if you die, …

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FleshZ Mods

Mobs that used to drop skins are now crafted with candy to get skins! The mixture they have prepared is left on the wooden shelf to be dried on the post. Rottenflesh, on the other hand, can now be combined with rotten skin, which can dry out to hide. What …

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Random Things Happen 2 Mods

Do you want to add new buildings to your Minecraft buildings? Then this mode is for you! Random Things 2 Mod is an advanced building mod that adds many different blocks. It also adds many different items to your inventory that can be useful in various situations. In this way, …

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One Block Plus Mods

Single block mod is a mod based on ijaminecraft’s single block map. Therefore, this mode can be played in multiplayer. Because each player can own and build their own blog.¬†Those who want to play this mod with a pre-made configuration should use modpack. Change Log 1.2.4 No longer will you …

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IguanaTweaks Reborn Mods

Minecraft 1.6 Iguana Tweaks has been completely rewritten! It also includes some features of the Hunger Overhaul mod as 1.15+.     Its features are as follows: It allows the crops in your garden to grow more slowly, Nerfed Bonemeal, Slower (excluding movement) Contains sleep effects, Less stacked items Better …

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LotTweaks Mods

LotTweaks Mods, Minecraft

LotTweaks mode; used to increase productivity in creative mode. Adds some regulations for builders. What are LotTweaks Features? Features of this mode; expanding the range of crushing, placing, collecting blocks. (More than 100 blocks can be extended away) Keys ‘AdjustRange’ button. (processor and server-side installation must be done) Press to …

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Akashic Tome Mods

Akashic Tome Mods, Minecraft

* This mode requires AutoRegLib. Akashic Tome is a mod based on Morph-o-Tool. It just adds the Akashic Tome crafted with a Book and Bookshelf. Their basic concept is the same, but they differ functionally. It can be combined with the documentation books of the Akashic Tomes mods. It can …

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Refined Storage Mods

Refined Storage Mods,minecraft

Refined Storage offers gamers a network-based storage system. It stores items and fluids in a greatly extensible network of devices. In short, it is used as a mass storage mod for Minecraft. Items and fluids can be stored in one of the many different storage feature the mode offers. The …

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Mystical Agradditions Mods

Mystical Agradditions mode is a mode used to make Mystical Agriculture. What Does This Add-on Add? Tear 6 essence: Insanium! This add-on includes various craftsmanship, as well as some decorative blocks. It also contains Tier 6 Seeds. Thus, 6th stage crops can be obtained. Tier 6 Crops! Current products: Nether …

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