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Voyager Shaders 1.7.10 -1.14.4

Most Minecraft shaders share common characteristics: their purpose is the same and their functionality is often similar. Voyager Shaders does well by drawing on the graphics of Red Dead Redemption II, one of Rockstar Games’ flagship games. It was created by SixSeven67, a French player.

The shader brings to the graphics of Minecraft a breathtaking realism that it is at the level of the plays of light which are perfectly mastered or the shadows, the reflections of the water which have nothing to envy the technology of the Ray-Tracing.

The sky is the subject of appreciable attention, since in addition to the aforementioned plays of light, it benefits from clouds with the volumes at the same time elegant, realistic and diversified, while the azure which colors it is otherwise more plausible than that of the basic game.

Finally, the shader will only work with Nvidia graphics cards at the expense of AMD and Intel HD graphics cards .


[1.7.10 – 1.14.4] Voyager Shaders

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