Thursday , June 13 2024

Minecraft Earth: R8 Patch Notes!

Minecraft has been in early access for 3 weeks now in France and has met with great success (more than a million downloads on the playstore). Since the game is still in early access, Mojang continues to evolve it, to add features and improve it.

Today, the patch notes R8 has just been released and here are the changes:

  • General

    • Added a new hostile creature stalker for Adventures mode
    • Addition of notifications for complete but not collected challenges
    • Moobloom flowers now look correct when sheared for their golden buds.
    • Adding animations on the cooking intensity
  • audio:

    • Update audio in different parts of the game
  • blocks:

    • Added support for many new blocks and items that will be available soon:
      • snowball, bone, rotten flesh, gunpowder, raw salmon, food and natural products, acacia blocks
    • Adding recipes for:
      • polished granite, andesite, diorite and lapis blocks
  • Weapons / Tools:

    • Improved damage for diamond tools and weapons.
    • Improved damage for iron tools and weapons.
    • Improvement of the efficiency of specific tools on the corresponding block (for example the shovel on the ground)
    • Decrease in effectiveness of the wrong tools on specific blocks (eg the sword on the ground)
  • bugs

    • 77 bug fixes! Including :
      • Cluckshrooms no longer drown when they go into the water.
      • Correction for salmon – they no longer disappear when placed on building boards
      • Locked Slot Machine Bug – Players who have all their slot machines locked should see this fixed in R8.

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