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Discover the many maps of the Minecraft community. You will find something for everyone: alone or with others, adventure, construction, mini-games …

The Siegebreaker Minecraft Map

The Siegebreaker 1.12 is an adventure map that will take us to the very center of hell. We, who in this adventure will be Siegebreaker, for a long time we have received and fulfilled the orders of the demonic lord himself, who normally consisted of going out hunting and conquering other worlds. Although …

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Boat Rage 1.13 Minecraft Map

Boat Rage 1.13 is a map that will test your sailing skills with a boat or boat on the ice. It is a circuit designed to play one or more players, so you can play with your friends, if you wish. The time to complete the circuit depends on the skill of …

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Falling Falling 1.15 Minecraft Map

Falling Falling 1.15 is a survival map where bumps will be the order of the day. It is a world with limited dimensions, where there is nothing that allows us to survive. However, from the beginning of the game, blocks from the sky will begin to fall, some of them with …

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Minecraft SURO Map Download

After Minecraft Hero, Minecraft VARO and other YouTube projects were a complete success, another one started in 2019, namely Minecraft SURO from unplayed . Unlike in the previous projects, this time a pre-made map was used, which was created by a builder team. It was built with great attention to detail and of course raised the …

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Diversity 3 1.14.4 and 1.13.2 Minecraft Map

Diversity 3 1.14.4 and 1.13.2 is a map that poses the challenge of getting colored wool to complete a monument. Although this, a priori, may seem easy, getting those wool will not be a simple task. Getting these colored wool will take us into an entertaining adventure, where we will have to overcome …

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Wool Conquest 1.14 Minecraft Map

Wool Conquest 1.14 is a map where players of several teams will meet in an arena to try to get blocks of wool that are generated in the center of a large arena. The map is intended to be played by teams, consisting of one or more players. The map has a …

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Mission Noel 1.14 Minecraft Map

All the members of Team Endorah are proud to present to you the update of our first Adventure map named “Christmas Mission” made two years ago! This update allowed to fix many “bug” and to pass the card in version 1.14 of minecraft java edition. This map has been built …

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Island Escape 1.14.4 Minecraft Map

Island Escape 1.14.4 Minecraft Map is a map that places us inside a floating island, framed with glass panels. Our goal is to find a way to escape from this strange island, although to achieve this we must fight hordes of enemies and show your parkour skills among other things. …

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Symmetry 1.14.4 Minecraft Map

A unique two-dimensional logic test, inside of which dozens of levels await you with an interesting task – to make the playing field symmetrical. Such a simple concept, coupled with complex levels, will require you to be creative in your game.  Video of the author Downloading

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Ankharak 1.12 Minecraft Map

Following our recent partnership with the Endorah team , we have the immense honor of presenting to you in preview the huge project that is Ankharak: in pursuit of Seth . To realize its immensity, let’s immediately give some figures: a 2700 × 2700 map , more than 300 decorated houses and a team of more than 20 …

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