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Falling Falling 1.15 Minecraft Map

Falling Falling 1.15 is a survival map where bumps will be the order of the day. It is a world with limited dimensions, where there is nothing that allows us to survive. However, from the beginning of the game, blocks from the sky will begin to fall, some of them with resources that will allow us to survive.

These blocks that fall from the sky, at the beginning will not do us any harm, but as the game progresses, yes. A block of leaves will not hurt us much, but watch out for solid blocks, such as stone. Small dungeons can also fall from the sky, so enemies will begin to generate around us.

The creator of the map recommends generating 50 × 50 block worlds, since very small worlds will quickly fill up with blocks, while large ones will not present much difficulty in surviving. In the chests of the dimensions of the Nether and the End eggs of passive creatures will be generated regularly.




Falling Falling Map 1.15

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