Sunday , June 9 2024


Discover the many maps of the Minecraft community. You will find something for everyone: alone or with others, adventure, construction, mini-games …

Confusing Cubes 1.14.2 Minecraft Map

Since its release Minecraft has continued to evolve, over the years updates have accumulated as well as content that currently offers almost endless possibilities. So to have a global vision of the game, a lot of knowledge is needed. Knowledge, precisely, it will be question with the map named Confusing Cubes . Beyond your knowledge, …

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Map Project Zelda 1.14.4

Is it really necessary to present the successful license The Legend of Zelda which you have probably heard or even played? In any case, one thing is sure, she manages to build a strong and ever larger community, inspired by the games of the series to create grandiose structures or adventure maps of …

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