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Map Project Zelda 1.14.4

Is it really necessary to present the successful license The Legend of Zelda which you have probably heard or even played? In any case, one thing is sure, she manages to build a strong and ever larger community, inspired by the games of the series to create grandiose structures or adventure maps of a high quality. It was after more than 800 hours as NOPEname presents his card Project Zelda , the first episode of a series to come.

Project Zelda is not a recreation of an existing Zelda game or a replica, it’s an adventure created entirely in Minecraft that takes root in the world of Zelda. It thus contains its own world, its own dungeons and its own story while keeping the spirit of the original series. The insertion into the adventure is not unpleasant. Indeed, Project Zelda perfectly takes up the key elements of the license, showing at the same time the various technical tools for even greater immersion. You can use objects such as the boomerang or cross NPCs and other custom mobs.

Also, the notion of “episodes” seems to be at the center of what NOPEname said. Each episode will contain a main island on which you will play as well as a large dungeon. The different episodes connected together will form the entire story and it will be possible to travel between the different islands. As for the first, the main island of the name “Lun Island” reflects the desire of the author to want to do well. The constructions are then extremely well done, just as what you can do in this first episode.

Project Zelda has just completed the list of excellent playing cards as soon as possible, whether you are fans of the original license or not. Also, to improve the immersion, it is recommended to you to use a Shader, enough to improve even more the adventure that you will live.

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[1.14.4] Project Zelda

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