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T42 1.14 Minecraft Resource Pack

The veterans of Minecraft may have noticed, T42 smells good old and will not fail to awake a feeling of nostalgia at home. This Resource Pack in 64x dates back to 2013 and is a form of historical curiosity, rare pack to have benefited from a permanent update during all these years by its creator. For this reason, it retains the same style more than six years later, typical of what was done then.

With a resolution of 64x,  T42 has the advantage of presenting detailed textures, so much so that they are sometimes rustic. The resulting realism is often cold, with dark colors, within a palette that sees gray and brown predominate. In addition, the pack has very smooth textures. Despite all the distilled details, the relief does not print on the faces of the blocks, which reinforces the cubic side of Minecraft.

T42 does not hesitate to depart substantially from the basic textures of Minecraft. Whether colors or arrangement of blocks, some of them are not very recognizable. And that’s what gives the package its charm, so we recognize the style of the packs from a few years ago. This tendency to make smooth textures, but full of details and to change in depth the textures of the game are all elements that could bring back some old memories.


[1.14] T42 [64x]

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