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Confusing Cubes 1.14.2 Minecraft Map

Since its release Minecraft has continued to evolve, over the years updates have accumulated as well as content that currently offers almost endless possibilities. So to have a global vision of the game, a lot of knowledge is needed. Knowledge, precisely, it will be question with the map named Confusing Cubes . Beyond your knowledge, your patience and your sense of observation will also be put to the test.

Your goal is to solve the 15 levels of increasing difficulty. Each level is represented by a room where you will need to solve objectives. Numerous exchanges with NPCs will allow you to move forward and unlock new tools. You must be attentive to the slightest detail to miss any element. Indeed some are extremely well hidden. The first levels are easy but quickly these become radically more difficult. The duration of the card is approximately one hour.

Finally, the rules are to play in adventure mode, to put your “render distance” at 16+, not to rename objects in anvils and not to cheat.


[1.14.2] Confusing Cubes

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