Friday , July 19 2024

Noob Vs Pro – Battle Of The Bush Map 1.15.2

Noob Vs ProBattle Of The Bush Map 1.15.2 is a puzzle map that poses the challenge of getting into the house of a rookie player, who one day stole from us. Although it will not be as simple as it may seem, since we will encounter many obstacles, with unusual mechanics, along the way, seven levels of traps, a fight against a boss, speed tests, and so on.

The map tells us the story that a novice player has stolen a dead bush from a professional player. The rookie, to protect himself, has created a multitude of traps and puzzles so that we, the professional player, cannot steal the dead bush, which is hidden in the house of the rookie player. Can we demonstrate our skills and recover the dead bush that the rookie player stole?



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