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Faraway 1.14 Resource Pack Download

At the crossroads of two genres, Faraway offers a gaming experience in very high resolution. This pack of Carriebestie manages to combine both great realism and textures, two styles that feed fully on its 256x resolution .

What is most noticeable is the realism of Faraway. This is a point that the author herself puts forward. With a 256x pack, you can, in any case, expect a little realism. And Faraway does not do things halfway. Only at the level of natural landscapes, a bushy grass and a wood roughened by its bark show how much the level of detail is pushed. Even on the building blocks, there is a similar effort: the blocks from worked wood are traversed thin ribs, while the stone sports some imperfections. However, these details retain a certain proximity to the basic textures. Whether it’s the color code of each block or the features that run through it, it is easy to find and the harmony of Minecraft is faithfully preserved.

There are two aspects to Faraway’s drawn style. First, again, at the resolution of the pack. With a resolution of 256x, the stroke of pencil is much more visible, and we appreciate all the better the details it reveals. Then, to his colors. If Faraway respects, as we have seen, the color code of the basic textures of the game, it tends to clarify them as a whole. With more vivid tones, the drawn style of the pack only comes out better.


[1.14] Faraway [256x]

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