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Ultra Amplified Minecraft Mod Package 1.12.2 – 1.14.4

ultra amplified mod

Ultra Amplified is a mod that aims to change the generation of terrain in Minecraft. The biomes remain the same as Minecraft Vanilla but as the name of the mod indicates, everything is amplified. You’ll find flying islands, trees that appear in caves, glowstone columns providing light, etc. Some biomes, like the birch forest, produce more massive 2 × 2 trees and oceanic biomes are now giant bowls of water that float! A very interesting thing that will greatly increase the difficulty of Minecraft is the generation in the amplified world of the Nether and the End.

Other modifications are also included and you can find abandoned mine wells, more biome-based villages and when you dig, you’ll find a massive network of labyrinthine ravines that leads to caverns with giant caves with the floor filled with lava! If you’re lucky, you might find a stone variant of a Nether Fortress. The amplified world is made to be difficult, very difficult but also to be fun to explore! Make sure to be well equipped before exploring this crazy world and consider bringing torches with you that will be greatly helpful.

How to join the amplified world?

In version 1.12 and 1.13 of Minecraft, it will be necessary to select the generation of this world in the menu when you start a new game. However, the author strongly recommends using the mod with version 1.14 of Minecraft which allows, via a normal world to cross a portal and join the amplified world.

To create the portal, it will be necessary to respect the following construction:

Materials needed:

  • 8 x Polished Granite
  • 1 x Polished Diorite
  • 10 x Polished Andesite Slab

When you click with a lighter, on the Polished Diorite in the middle, it will change appearance and your portal will be created. Then just right click on it to be teleported.

Every time you teleport with this portal for the first time, you will always be teleported to the original unbreakable portal that is in the amplified dimension. If you need to find the portal to escape from the dimension, just go to the one that was created by default. Otherwise, when you teleport in and out of the dimension, it will always take you to the last dimension and position from which you teleported. So, if you come from the Nether, you will be sent back to the Nether.

When you play in this dimension, be aware that loading large chunks may take a while when you have set Minecraft’s options at a large rendering distance, even on a powerful computer. Just be patient, because this mod is demanding in memory and power, so start with a short rendering distance and continue until your PC can no longer handle.

It is also important to allocate more RAM to Minecraft and put at least 4 GB.

Download Mod;

[1.14.4] Ultra Amplified [1.13.2] Ultra Amplified [1.12.2] Ultra Amplified

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