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Extra Boats Minecraft Mod 1.14.4



The boat has this dual feature of being both one of the oldest and fastest means of transportation for Minecraft. However, its very simple form does not necessarily make an ideal choice for all situations. Extra Boats adds a few variations, which allow you to transport storage with you, to travel with others, or simply faster.

The boats

Boat with trunk:

The boat will contain a chest that will allow the player to store various items and can be useful in case of long exploration or simply move your base to another continent. You can access the boat’s inventory by holding down the SHIFT button (crouch button) and right-clicking on the boat. Only one person can board this boat.

Boat with oven:

The peculiarity with this boat is that it can be refueled to go faster. To refuel it, simply hold the SHIFT key and right click on the boat. To feed it, it will be necessary to put charcoal there. A piece of coal can power the boat for three minutes, and adding more coal, the duration will be extended. The boat will also move automatically if it is filled with fuel and a player sits on board. The boat can only be driven by one person at a time.

Big boat :

The big boat can be driven by four people at a time but it has a disadvantage. Indeed, given its size, its speed is reduced compared to a normal boat.



 [1.14.4] Extra Boats

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  1. Is there a place where you can find the necessary beds to go to other worlds?

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