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Soft Bits Minecraft Resource Pack 1.10 – 1.15

The oldest of you may remember the ocd pack , a Disco Resource Pack that accentuated the cubic forms of Minecraft, with low resolution, simple textures, and vivid colors. This pack, technical and tailor-made for the Redstone, has obviously made emulators and found, to a certain extent, a successor: Soft Bits .

As you can imagine, Soft Bits adopts a 16x resolution and assumes it entirely. The pack adopts an extremely minimalist style, without much detail. He puts in effect on segments more than on curves and emphasizes quite elegantly the edges of the blocks. To this reminder of the cubic forms of Minecraft is added a desire to mark even more the line, by making adopt a square shape to the few details. This is particularly the case of ores caught in stone.

Soft Bits, however, departs from the utilitarian function of the ocd pack by offering coherent and visually pleasing textures, in that they are smooth, simple and their colors, though bright, are not garish. Although they may be relatively uniform, they form a colored ensemble, quite varied. Enough, in any case, not to create a bleak landscape.

 [1.14 – 1.15] Soft Bits  [1.13] Soft Bits  [1.10 – 1.11 – 1.12] Soft Bits

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