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3 Mods That Add Hats Actual 1.14.4

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Tired of dirtying your pretty diamond armor? To have to wear much too flashy leather for your best parties? Want to renew your wardrobe? So you are in the right place !

In this first episode of a new series of articles, let me introduce 3 mods that add hats.

Villager Hats

Since the Village & Pillage update , villagers have been treated to a whole new look, with an element specific to each profession: their hat.

With the Villager Hats mod, Lemonszz offers 9 hats and other accessories, such as the farmer’s straw hat, the gunsmith’s glasses or the cartographer’s monocle. These equipments are however purely decorative, since they will not give you any point of armor.

Everything is a Hat

Have you always dreamed of traveling the world with your head stuck in a podzol block? Well, neither do I have to admit it. However, if you want to disguise yourself as an astronaut or carry a bucket of water without hands, this mod is totally for you!

Created by Draylar, Everything is a Hat is a mod that allows you – as its name suggests – to use all the blocks and objects of the game as a hat. For that, nothing more simple: slip the chosen object in the location of the helmet!

Steve Hard Hat

You are several dozen blocks tall, balanced on unstable scaffolding. By trying to lay the last stone of your construction, you realize that your arm is too short, and you fall.

Thanks to jamieswhiteshirt and his Mod Hard Hat Steve, this problem is no longer one! Indeed, the mod adds not only a hard hat, but also the rest of the clothes. In addition to being a nice outfit, each party gives you a bonus of +0.5 stitch. By wearing all the equipment, you will be able to build 2 blocks further!


Villager Hats Everything is a Hat Steve Hard Hat


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