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Restricted Portals Mod 1.16.1/1.15.2

What this Mod Does: A mod that requires the obtainment of an item before allowing the player to enter other dimensions.

Reason: This mainly is to stop people on Multiplayer servers bypassing early game, but can be used for other reasons.

Current Configuration Options: Currently the mod has the following config options:

    • Crafted Items (list of items that must be crafted before entering the dimension)
    • Dimension Resource Names (for example “minecraft:the_nether”)
    • Dimension Display Names
    • Blocked Message (%item% for the required item and %dim% for the dimension as per the example)
    • Crafting Message

Old Configs:

  • Dimension IDs (list of Dimension IDs) – Removed in 1.16
  • Item to Unlock the End – Removed in 1.8
  • Item to Unlock the Nether – Removed in 1.8
  • Use keys rather than Items specified above – Removed in 1.8
  • Consume Items rather than craft (Right click on a portal with the Item) – Removed in 1.13
  • Portal Block White-list for Consumable Items (comma separated block list) – Removed in 1.13

These are comma separated as stated and are formulated “modID:itemName” as per the default value or if metadata is required “modID:itemName:meta” otherwise all meta values will give the achievement. (Meta removed in 1.13)

How to Install Restricted Portals 1.16.1 Mod ?

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Minecraft Restricted Portals 1.16.1 Mod
  3. Double-click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file from the mod.
  5. Paste the downloaded file the folder .minecraft/mods
  6. Run Minecraft. Enjoy.


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