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More Zombies Minecraft Mod

If you think that there should be more zombies in the game , then we completely agree. And along with this, we introduce the More Zombies mod , which not only increases the number and types of monsters, but also adds unique behavior to each zombie species. The addition includes 9 types of new zombies .

Of the 12 types of mobs, two will be neutral , that is, attack only when provoked:

  • Zombiboy
  • Zombies

Everyone else will attack the player as they approach.

Zombie List:
                                                                                  Zombie Archer

  • Uses a bow to attack a user from a distance

Teleporting Zombie

  • Uses teleport and attacks the player with potions

Zombie Summoner

  • Imposes blindness on a player, is able to tame wolves and set him on a player. In addition, summons little zombies and teleporting zombies
  • Zombie child uses only melee with effects

Invisible zombies

  • It becomes invisible at the beginning of the battle. Invisibility only decreases if the battle is won or the zombie is dead

Explosive zombie

  • Turns ordinary creepers into charged
  • When approaching, the player will use two types of attack randomly: explosion and hand-to-hand combat

Werewolf zombie

  • When approaching a player, it becomes twice as long until the enemy dies

Colored zombies

  • After the battle begins, the user will begin to change body color. Each body color gives its own effect to the mob. Turns into a regular zombie after killing or escaping a player

Fire zombie

  • Set fire to the ground beneath
  • Poisons player on attack

Warlock Zombie

  • Attacks with potions

Zombie boss

  • 300 health
  • Health strip
  • Attacks at a long distance by throwing zombie heads, then calls on small zombies with a bow or small zombies that impose blindness
  • The boss spawns only if lightning strikes one of the zombies from the expansion

A skeleton horse will naturally spawn in the world.

Neutral zombies will spawn during the day, and hostile at night. The boss spawns when lightning strikes a mob.
Changes in the new version

  • Zombie boss can now be invisible
  • A teleporting zombie can dodge arrows


More Zombies MOD


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