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Fake Players Minecraft Mod

If you feel lonely playing Minecraft , then you should download and install the Fake Players mod . He will add two “players” who will fight along with you. You will no longer be sad and lonely. Let’s get to know your future defenders and partners . The first one is Alex. He attacks with a bow and arrow. The second is Steve. His main weapon is the sword. Hostile mobs will treat new players in the same way as you. That is, they will also attack accordingly.

Their behavior is similar to the behavior of real Minecraft Bedrock players :

  • Run away from creepers
  • Open and close doors
  • Attack the same hostile mobs
  • They go inside the houses
  • Fighting mobs at night
  • Drink potions
  • Pick up items

Future expansion is planned , so stay tuned.

You can also trade with new players using emeralds.


When killing zombie players or cadavers, mobs will turn into zombies . It’s hard for monsters to kill players, but it’s still possible. This only applies to untamed mobs.


  • In order for new players to appear in your world, you need to use invocation eggs . In addition, they spawn naturally in some biomes.

Changes in the new version

  • Can spawn with full armor
  • Added new foods to eat:
    • Potatoes
    • Carrot
    • Bread
    • Cooked pork
    • Cooked lamb
    • Cooked potatoes
    • Cooked rabbit
    • Cooked chicken


Mod Fake Players Download textures for the Fake Players Download

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