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Mob Blocker 1.14 Minecraft Mod

Mob Blocker 1.14 is a mod that will allow us to manufacture a new type of block that will act as a security barrier, preventing any hostile entity from entering the security area established by this block. Within the protection area, the arrows fired by the skeletons or the potions launched by the witches cannot even be accessed.

Upon access to the game, we will get the “Chunk Protector”, a block will protect us a complete chunk. That is, an area of ​​16 × 16 blocks around it. Its function is to eliminate the entities that enter the chunk. This block has a certain duration, so every day it will gradually decompose, until it disappears completely.

Subsequently we can create the “Area Protector” block, which although it will not disappear over time, will cover a space less than a chunk. Of course, we can create several of these blocks and generate a large area of ​​protection. Next we can see how this new block is manufactured.



Mob Blocker Mod 1.14

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