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Jehkoba’s Fantasy 1.12 – 1.15 Resource Pack

Jehkoba’s Fantasy 1.9 and 1.8 is a package of textures that although it maintains in broad strokes the structure and appearance of some blocks and objects, modifies small details of the predefined textures to get a somewhat simpler touch.

Some textures are composed of sharp and defined edge elements, while others are deliberately pixelated to achieve the appearance desired by the author. The texture pack has a resolution of 16x, so it will not be necessary to use external tools.


List of modified names

The enchantments

Sharpness =  Damage
Smite =  Holy
Bane of Arthropods =  Insecticide
Fire Aspect =  Flame Strike
Sweeping Edge =  Sweeping Strike

Fire Protection =  Fire Ward
Feather Falling =  Feather Fall
Blast Protection =  Blast Ward
Projectile Protection =  Arrow Ward

Respiration =  Water Breathing
Aqua Affinity =  Water Working
Depth Strider =  Swim Speed
Frost Walker =  Frost Walker

Silk Touch =  Gentle
Unbreaking =  Durability
Looting =  Thieving

Luck of the Sea =  Fishing
Lure =  Magic Lure

Power =  Piercing
Flame =  Fire Arrow
Punch =  Staggering
Infinity =  Infinite
Curse of Binding =  Bound
Curse of Vanishing =  Vanishing


The blocks:

Oak Wood =  Apple Wood
Jungle Wood =  Cocoa Wood
Big / Dark Oak Wood =  Oak Wood
Lapis =  Azurite
Diamond =  Crystal
Emerald =  Jade
Soul Sand =  Slow Sand

Daylight Detector =  Sun Stone
Mob Spawner =  Dark Portal
Reeds =  Sugar Cane
Ender Chest =  Magic Chest
End Rod =  Light Rod

The flowers:

Dandelion =  Goldenrod
Poppy =  Blue Orchid Wildflowers
=  Allium Indigo
=  Inkberry
Houstonia =  Tulip Snow Drops
(Red) =  Tulip Hibiscus
(Orange) =  Tulip Coreopsis
(White) =  Gray
Tulip Iris (Pink) =  Wild Rose
Syringa =  Pink Camellia
=  Madder
Paeonia =  Rose Bush

Arms :

Wooden Sword  = Wooden Club

Stone Sword =  Stone Dagger
Gold Sword =  Golden Scepter
Spectral Arrow =  Arrow of Light [ITEMS]
Ender Pearl =  Warp Stone
Prismarine Crystals =  Ocean Crystal
Porkchop =  Crispy Bacon
Steak =  Beef Rib
Cookie =  Brownie
Wheat =  Oats  (Gluten-Free!)
Nether Wart =  Nether Woad 


Version 1.15: 3D Version Download

Version 1.14: 2D Version Download

Version 1.13: 3D Version Download  2D Version Download

Version 1.12: 3D Version Download  2D Version Download


Download the resource pack. Then find your .minecraft file :

Windows: Go to the Start menu , then go to Run . Otherwise, press Windows Key + R. Then type % appdata% in the search bar, then go to the .minecraft folder .
Linux: Press ALT + F2 at the same time. You should normally have your .minecraft .
If you do not see it, activate the hidden folders with the combination CTRL + H.
Mac: Your minecraft folder is located in User> Library> Application Support.
If you can’t find Application Support, go to Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

Open the resource pack archive, and transfer the RP folder to the resourcepacks folder , which is in your .minecraft .
Once the game is open, go to Options> Resource Packs and activate it by switching it to the right file.
Confirm. Have fun !

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