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Minecraft 1.14.4 – Village and Pillage, villages and looting – what’s new?

Minecraft 1.14 is an important update to the game published on 04/23/2019, with the main focus being NPC (inhabitants), many things added to the game: gangs, items, blocks, biomemin, food, weapons, game features. All textures are changed in the game, many bugs are fixed, performance is improved. This update is one of the biggest and most interesting in recent years.


Rewritten lighting system, improved game performance.
Changes in the villagers: new skins, depending on the professions and the biome in which the village is located, improved artificial intelligence.
Residents have a daily routine, can go to work, or gather in groups, live in their homes.
Residents have their own workplace and profession.
With a sufficient number of inhabitants, an iron golem appears in the village.
Cats and ocelots will become different creatures, cats will appear in villages, they will have 9 new skins, cats will bring gifts to players and scare away phantoms.



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