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Depixel 1.14 -1.15 Resource pack

Formerly known as Default 32×32 , Depixel pushes the logic of Faithful resource packs to the end. This pack of Schmueles therefore adopts a resolution in 32x , and scrupulously respects the philosophy of the basic textures, being satisfied with punctual improvements.

By far, the changes made by Depixel are therefore little or not visible. The color palettes are respected in detail, the grain of textures has changed little … The real change is that the 32x resolution of the pack allows a more than appreciable improvement in the level of detail of the textures. Also, the effect of pixelization on some blocks, without being erased (remain in the basic spirit of the game), is at least mitigated. In the same way, the lines are finer, the lines less angular … In short, the textures are refined. A player attached to the basic textures while asking for a little more precision will be filled by Depixel.

Depixel’s “enhancer” dimension applies to texture detail, as we have seen, but also, more broadly, to 3D models of some blocks. As such, we can mention the libraries, whose frame comes out slightly, but also and especially the craft table and the oven which, they are metamorphosed.


[1.14 – 1.15] Depixel

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