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XMasBDCraft 1.15 Resource Pack

XMasBDCraft 1.15 Resource Pack

The famous  pack comes in its Christmas version to make us live the magic of the holiday season in Minecraft. This version of the Sphax pack is only available in 64x and 126x resolutions, but it’s more than enough for textures that you only use for a few weeks.

The peculiarity of XMasBDCraft comes from the fact that it adds snow everywhere, but also gifts, special furniture, and even the traditional Christmas hats. You will not be able to play permanently with the pack because many objects are diverted in order to stick to the theme. To understand, you just need to compare the following two images, the first on the left uses Vanilla textures and the second XMasBDCraft in 64x:



XMasBDCraft Download

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