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Christmas Pack 1.15.1 Resource Pack

The freshness of winter is felt and the gifts are a few days away from being unpacked: it’s almost Christmas. For my part, I give you the gift of this resource pack, it’s up to you to appreciate or not its design.

This resource pack was therefore created by Futureazoo , a player already behind several of them, including the Halloween Pack already presented on our site.

On the game side, the menu is well customized, the background panorama has been modified for a colder landscape, we regret the regularity of the film of snow falling on the buttons, finally this is only my opinion. The author took the default resource pack as a base, but his imagination however gave rise to ingenious modifications, such as the retexturization of almost all the blocks in a whitish color, thus giving the illusion that the map is snowy.

Rest assured, of course, that the author did not limit himself to superimposing a white filter, opacity 30% on all textures! Indeed, the villagers as well as the iron golems were disguised, it’s quite fun. We also note that the two types of torches have been modified, giving a more “medieval” appearance.

It is true, however, that the content is quite poor, but that is enough. Armor and tools have not been changed, except for the leather armor and swords. I disguised myself for you, please don’t laugh.

To conclude, the Christmas resource pack is a nice alternative that it is recommended to try, different from other already known resource packs. Let’s agree, the level is not the same as for the excellent Xmas BD Craft , but there is still a small nugget that actually hides many others.



Christmas Pack 1.15 – 1.14 – 1.13

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