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Chisels & Bits Mods

Chisels & Bits mode is a mod for duplicating some chisels, keys, and designs. It also adds ways to hide lice. With these tools, it allows you to decorate your bases. It also allows you to create new custom decorative blocks and designs to increase the flexibility of your building style. Thus, it is the perfect mode for you to shape your buildings in any style you want. You can download this mode in 1.16 and 1.12 versions, where you can both reveal your style and customize.

If you need more color bits to create buildings, this mode is perfect for you. You can browse through solid-colored blocks. In addition to all these, if you are looking for more options, tools, and ways to work with bits, this mode is for you. You can also check out Phylogeny extra bit manipulations for other ways to work.

How to Install Chisels & Bits Mods

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Minecraft Chisels & Bits Mods
  3. Double-click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file from the mod.
  5. Paste the downloaded file the folder .minecraft/mods
  6. Run Minecraft. Enjoy.



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