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VoxelMap 1.15.1 Mod for Minecraft 1.15

VoxelMap 1.15.1 / 1.15 is a MamiyaOtaru mod intended for all players in the sense of limited orientation, since it offers many tools to help you find your bearings in this vast world of Minecraft.

This mod allows you to have, on your HUD, a map, as we can see everywhere! But, it is configurable by pressing the “M” key by default, which displays a menu in which you can configure a bunch of options such as zooming the map, managing your waypoints, which will allow you to don’t lose a place like your house, for example, or a dungeon.
You can also see the entire map or all the chunks you have loaded on multiplayer servers. It shows you all the mobs or players around.


VoxelMap 1.15.1  VoxelMap 1.15 VoxelMap 1.12.2 VoxelMap 1.10.2 VoxelMap 1.9.4  VoxelMap 1.8.9  VoxelMap 1.7.10

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