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Toy Defenders for Minecraft Mods Actual Download

Toy Defenders for Minecraft Mtmods

The best mod on the theme of weapons and defense base Toy Defenders for Minecraft. Having downloaded Toy Defenders the best base defense, especially good for the lazy.

Toy Defenders for Minecraft Mtmods17

In total, the mod will add 10 defenders:

Snow Yeti:

  • 10 health points and 0 armor points.
  • Will fight in close combat and jump on enemies.
  • Deals 3 damage per hit
  • This toy is the first and most basic toy.

Mr. Bomby:

  • 10 health points and 0 armor points
  • This is mainly a toy version of creeper
  • Has an explosion radius the same as that of the base liana.
  • Fire will make him self-destruct.

Shooting tower:

  • 20 health points and 5 armor points.
  • Average firng range.
  • Immunity to fire and poison.
  • They will constantly shoot arrows at enemies.
  • Arrows fly at medium speed.
  • Arrows will do 4-5 damage per hit.


  • 20 health points and 10 armor points.
  • Immunity to fire and poison, damage from falling, knockback.
  • It has the ability to fly and always flies towards enemies.
  • Will fight in close combat and deal 7 damage per hit.


  • 20 health points and 0 armor points.
  • Low firing range
  • Will shoot bullets that will deal 5-6 damage per hit.
  • Will shoot at medium speed.

Mini tank:

  • 40 health points and 20 armor points
  • Knockback immunity.
  • Long range of fire.
  • Will shoot small TNT rockets at enemies.
  • Each rocket will cause the same explosion, as if TNT exploded (there will be no blocks of grief).
  • Slow speed rocket fire.
  • Do not underestimate this beast, as it can easily kill a horde of zombies with 1-2 missiles.


  • 20 health points and 0 armor points
  • It will not fight back, it is better to use it as support in battles,
  • All objects and experience will be magnetized (so that any player can collect them).
  • It will randomly fly around and fly to any living mob, and sometimes follow it.
  • Has immunity to knockback


Link: Toy Defenders for Minecraft Actual Download

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