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Serene Seasons Mod For Minecraft 1.15.1

Serene Seasons 1.15.1 is a mod for Minecraft that adds seasons. The color of the grass and foliage will change over the year.

In winter, temperatures will drop and allow snow to fall on certain biomes that do not normally receive them. The seasons also affect various other characteristics, such as crop growth (different crops are limited to different seasons), weather (more rain in spring, more storms in summer, etc.) and much more!

Serene Season s also works automatically with all biome mods (such as Biome O’Plenty , whose author is the same as Serene Seasons in addition to Bulleyes and Tough As Nail ) by changing the colors of their grass and foliage with no additional adjustments required. mod 1.15.1


The seasons are the main feature of Serene Seasons , as the name suggests.

Temperate biomes cross the normal seasons throughout the year ( spring , summer , fall and winter ). Temperatures will change, colors of grass and foliage will change, risks of rain and thunderstorm will fluctuate, and more. The types of crops you can grow will also differ from season to season.

However, tropical biomes, such as deserts, jungles and savannahs, will go through dry and wet seasons (or rainy season ). Also, in tropical biomes, you can only grow summer crops due to the relatively high temperatures.

A full year lasts 84 days in the default game (21 days per season / 7 days per sub-season) (NOTE: this can be changed in the configuration settings).



1.15.1  1.14.4  1.12.2

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