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More Charcoal Mods

The More Charcoal mod is a mod based on vanilla elements that can be used as furnace fuel. This mod adds several new types of chorcoal to your Mineraft.

What items the More Charcoal mod adds:

  • Charcoal Chunks
  • Coal Chunks
  • Apple Charcoal
  • Beet Charcoal
  • Carrot Charcoal
  • Chorus Charcoal
  • Potato Charcoal
  • Sugarcane Charcoal
  • Bread Charcoal
  • Melon Charcoal
  • Egg Charcoal

What blocks this mod adds:

  • Coal Block (for normal coal)
  • Coal Block (for all products listed above)

Note: This mod can change the fuel values of all new coal items. It contains the necessary configurations.

How to Install More Charcoal Mods

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Minecraft More Charcoal Mods
  3. Double-click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file from the mod.
  5. Paste the downloaded file the folder .minecraft/mods
  6. Run Minecraft. Enjoy.


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