Monday , June 17 2024

Minecraft 1.17

Want to change the way you play Minecraft 1.17 ? Enjoy a different gaming experience? Find our selection of 1.17 mods. If you want to know more about the use and operation of mods, we advise you to read this guide which will answer all your questions.

Wireless Industry Mods

Important note: This mod is an add-on for IC2. You can now have different electronic possibilities in your Minecraft, from wireless solar panels to chargers, using the IC2 plugin. With this mod you can use Fortune V, wireless solar panels and storage. On the other hand, with this mod, an …

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Lovely Snails Mods

This mod is a mod that adds little and cute snails to your Minecraft. Lovely Snails adds a new entity to your game: snails. Added to the game, these snails are cute little creatures that can be tamed by players.¬†Snails are afraid of hostile mobs or hide under their shells …

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