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CreatorCraft 3D Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.15.1 / 1.14.4 / 1.13.2

In the resource package, many blocks have 3D add-ons, which makes them seem more naturalistic. For example, cobblestone: its texture has a structure that allows you to add more polygons. While the dirt does not have it. So pavers have a 3D model changed with more details, while dirt has a flat 3D model.
Each element in the resource package has its own 3D model. Through this, the game gets a much more intense experience.
The textures for the blocks and elements are made in the default style, but they are much softer and have a higher resolution, although they have the same resolution as the default resource package (16 × 16).
The resource package tries to balance the 3D models and details and a pleasant and trouble-free performance.




1.15.1  1.15  1.14  1.13

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