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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Immersive Weapons Mods

Immersive Weapons is a vanilla+ weapon addon mod that aims to revive your combat skills. You can clean up destroyed factories as you travel the world to gather new and powerful resources! You can also climb the pits of hell. With this mod, you can create more powerful and versatile …

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Enchantable Staffs Mods

With the Enchantable Staffs Mod, you can now add new staffs to your Minecraft! This mod is a mod that adds new and magical staffs to the game. The purpose of the mod is to expand the magic system of the Minecraft world by using the magic system. Instead of …

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Command GUI Buttons Mods

This mod creates custom command buttons to use in-game. Comment GUI Buttons work with preset chat messages, commands like “/warp home”. It also works for anything that goes into the chat box. How to create buttons: • First of all, you need to open the menu in the game with the …

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