Thursday , August 11 2022

Version: Minecraft 1.18 Mods

Padoru Mods

The “Padoru Padoru” meme that we all know in the internet world is now in Minecraft! Now you can add Nero Claudius from this fun meme you see on the internet in the world of Minecraft with the Padoru mod.It is used in cold and snowy biomes due to its …

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Mystical Customization Mods

Another new mod for users who love mystical farming in the Minecraft world! In this magical world, you can grow mystic plants and get different crops from these plants. You can also download the appropriate version of the mod from the versions we have added below for you. Added as …

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Crock Pot Mods

The Crock Pot from Don’t Starve is now in Minecraft! Similar to Don’t Starve, this mod aims to give players a Crock Pot experience. This mod, which also combines Minecraft parts, has been redesigned. Crock Pot, in its most general definition, is a mode used for cooking with basic ingredients. …

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