Saturday , December 4 2021
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Version: Minecraft 1.17 Mods

Attribute Fix (FABRIC) Mods

Minecraft artificially limits your attributes. This limitation means that once you exceed a certain limit of your qualifications, you will not receive a bonus. However, the Attribute Fix mod fixes this artificial limitation. For example; Your health is limited to 2048 max health only. You can only have 2048 attack …

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Repurposed Structures (Fabric) Mods

Repurposed Structures works by taking existing vanilla features and structures from your Minecraft. Thanks to this mod, which adds new variants and modifications to them, you can use your buildings for different purposes again. Originally, most of the builds and features in this mod were originally built for the Ultra …

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Lovely Snails Mods

This mod is a mod that adds little and cute snails to your Minecraft. Lovely Snails adds a new entity to your game: snails. Added to the game, these snails are cute little creatures that can be tamed by players.¬†Snails are afraid of hostile mobs or hide under their shells …

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