Friday , January 21 2022

Version: Minecraft 1.13 Texture Packs

Wolfhound Texture Pack 1.15.1 (1.14/1.13/1.12)

Wolfhound Texture Pack 1.15.1 / 1.14.4 / 1.13.2 / 1.12.2  is a pack of textures that under a resolution of 64x, will compose our worlds of Minecraft based on textures of strong and dark colors that will give a shady and dull touch to the buildings. Although it also contains …

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Soft Bits Minecraft Resource Pack 1.10 – 1.15

The oldest of you may remember the ocd pack , a Disco Resource Pack that accentuated the cubic forms of Minecraft, with low resolution, simple textures, and vivid colors. This pack, technical and tailor-made for the Redstone, has obviously made emulators and found, to a certain extent, a successor: Soft Bits . As you can …

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AgirCraft Realistic Minecraft Resource Pack 1.10 – 1.15

  If AgirCraft is simply defined as realistic , it is much more than that. Teimy, its author, is rather stingy of descriptive about him and his realism is the only element that he agrees to point. Right, since with a 64x resolution and carefully crafted textures, it’s the qualifier that most easily comes to mind when you …

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