Friday , August 14 2020

Version: Minecraft 1.12 Texture Packs

Relaxed Default Texture Pack for MC 1.15.1/ 1.14.4

Relaxed Default Texture Pack is a magnificent texture pack that retains the style of Minecraft vanilla while improving images in tremendous amounts. The package has a resolution of 32 × 32.   Screenshot How to install Relaxed Default Texture Pack for Minecraft? Start Minecraft Click on. “Options” in Start. Click on “Resource Packages” …

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Xray Ultimate Texture Pack for MC 1.15.1/1.14.4

Xray Ultimate 1.15.1/1.14.4  is a package of textures quite peculiar and different from the rest, since it is not intended to change the appearance of our worlds to give them a more realistic, soft, colorful, caricature, or pretty touch. This texture pack is created to allow the player to find …

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PureBDcraft Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.15 / 1.14 / 1.13 / 1.12

PureBDcraft  completely transforms the Minecraft experience and makes it look like a comic. The blocks, creatures, elements and user interface are renewed in  high definition  and are full of details and geek references. Take advantage   of the Minecraft model system to provide a  unique experience  . Two of  your adventures  will never be the same! Screenshot Video Download

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Default Style Winter 1.14 Resource Pack

Default-Style Winter Pack is a very beautiful resource pack for Minecraft, in which the atmosphere of the game will change dramatically – now it will be winter in the endless cubic expanses! At the same time, the pack does not change the original textures of the game at all, so fans of …

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Steven’s Traditional 1.15 Resource Pack

Steven’s Traditional 15 is a texture pack that only slightly changes the textures of the base game but with a 64 x 64 resolution. Steven’s Traditional 1.15 This pack uses the familiar minecraft style from mojang, but with a significant change, all its textures are enlarged and instead of 16×16 …

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TextureCraft 1.15 Resource Pack

TextureCraft 1.15 Resource Pack TextureCraft can really be called a pretty good choice among the existing texture pack solutions that are currently presented for Minecraft latest version 1.15. I would like to note the fact that the developers in the process of creating TextureCraft took advantage of various developments that …

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